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As far as 900 ft. away from the doorway, Taj Mahal stands cross the garden from the main gateway.

The Actual Tomb

As far as 900 ft. away from the doorway, Taj Mahal stands cross the garden from the main gateway. More than 200 ft high, it is a majestic structure, sparkling in all its regal glory, the main tomb is built on a raised square platform with truncated corners. It is made up of marble while the podium on which it stands is of red sandstone. The purpose of the podium was to level the originally sloping land so that it can carry the grand structure on it. Four tall and slender minarets rise gracefully from the four corners of the white marble dias and eight windowed cupolas crown them. The purpose of these minarets was to frame the central edifice. Each facade of the actual tomb comprises of a grand iwan framed by bands of calligraphy. These iwans lead one to the inner gateways and are bordered by small double arches on both sides. Pinnacles shaped like lotus buds and finials magnificently ornament the superstructure.

One can enter Taj from the south. Two stories of four rectangular rooms on the sides and four octagonal small rooms at the corners surround the octagonal central chamber. These rooms were built for mullahs (priests) to chant the Holy Koran and musicians to play soft Indian and Persian melodies. It is a nine-part plan with interconnected rooms, and it is the octagonal chamber in the centre that contains the grave of Mumtaz Mahal. While it is positioned right in the centre of the chamber, positioned irregularly to its right side is the casket of the emperor. Crowned by a white bulbous double-dome, the sound echoes in this 80 ft high hall. The double domes serve many purposes. It provides a proportionate ceiling to the interior hall while the outer dome could be raised to an imposing height and the hollow space between the two domes reduced the weight of the dome along with served in creating the echo effect. The four small kiosks clustering around the dome serve to reduce the rigorousness of the vertical accent.

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