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Temples of Jaipur

Govind Deo ji ka Mandir:
Govind Dev Ji Temple - JaipurBuilt to commemorate the visit of Govindeoji (Lord Krishna), the presiding deity of Jaipur, from Vrindavan, much before the city of Jaipur was built, the temple has been set between the Chandra Mahal and the Badal Mahal in 1890, so that it is visible from the palace of the rulers, large number of devotees visit the temple especially on Janamashtmi, the day of Lord Krishna's birth. It is said that it used to be a massive seven storeyed structure built at the astronomical cost of one crore rupees by Man Singh, the famous general of Mughal emperor Akbar, in the form of a Greek cross. It is said that even Emperor Akbar donated some of the red sandstone for construction of the temple initially brought in for the Red Fort at Agra. The temple displays an amalgamation of Western, Hindu and Muslim architectural styles.

The Galta temple dedicated is to the monkey-god, Lord Hanuman and is situated 10 km to the east of Jaipur. An ancient pilgrimage site, it lies beyond the gardens surrounded by low hills. It is absolutely delightful with temple pavilions and holy kunds (natural spring and water tanks) along with lush green landscape. The small temple of the sun god here is one of its kinds. Built by Diwan Kriparam on the top of the highest peak, it is visible from all parts of the city. Financially supported by the Birla family, the three holy 'kunds' of Galta once had strict reservations. The first pool was only for men, the second only for women, the third one for the holy monkeys. As the legend goes, sage Galina is said to have performed a difficult penance here.

The Kalki Temple:
The only one dedicated to the incarnation of God not yet born, Raja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur built this temple in 1727. Hindu mythology prophesizes the birth of the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who will come riding a white horse with a shining sword in his hand as Lord Kalki to deliver the mankind from the prevailing chaos and confusion of Kal Yug. A keen student of Vedic texts, Jai Singh built the Kalki temple right opposite the eastern entrance to the City Palace. One can enter the temple through a ceremonial archway that ascends as a ramp without steps in two easy gradients to the temple perched on a twenty-foot high plinth. Facing the temple in one corner is a fine white marble stature of a horse, said to be the white horse on which the God has been prophesized to arrive. The temple conforms to the typical style of the North Indian Temple Architecture with the exception of the presence of two shikhars or temple tops instead of the usual one. Except for a caretaker priest appointed by the state government to keep it clean and tidy, the Kalki temple has a deserted look and is closed since it has been built waiting in silence for the birth of the Lord to whom it is devoted.

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